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About Us

The Lansing Community Catalyst was founded by Yanice Y. Jackson in 2017, by her desire to bring about measurable change within the communities. Yanice wanted to help facilitate change while partnering with those around her (residents, businesses, organization, and community leaders) to create pro-active solutions on behalf of the marginalized.

The Catalyst functions in many areas to help empower community but, specializes actively fighting food insecurity to improve the health and nutrition of the residents in the community.

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The Mission

“Empowerment and Change through Collaboration.”

Our Vision

Find new and innovative solutions to tackle food insecurity challenges. By implementing program provided curriculum, connections, and mentorship to improve access to healthy food across marginalized communities


How We Came About

The Lansing Community Catalyst is an organization dedicated to empowering communities through the adequate training and educational programs. Her belief is that people are more receptive to approaches that are well-researched and well thought out when it comes to voicing community issues. She desires to help build bridges between community members and influential entities within communities. This is the foundation upon which “The Lansing Catalyst” was built.

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