About Us

A Catalyst is an agent that causes or accelerates significant change or action. The Lansing Catalyst is a 501 (c)(3) organization that connects people with knowledge and resources to help be that change. The Lansing Catalyst is a change management system represented by community; made up of legal professionals, educators, health professionals, clergy and community organizers. We are dedicating our efforts towards equal opportunity and justice for all. We are for the people, by the people. Volunteers are needed, appreciated and encouraged to step up to apply their knowledge and expertise.

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The Mission

The mission of the Lansing Catalyst is to

“Create Empowerment and Change through Cooperation and Collaboration.”

Our Vision

To achieve equal rights and eliminate racial prejudice among the citizens of the United States. Moreover, for citizens to be able to work, live, and thrive, without racially imposed barriers in the area of employment, housing, justice, and healthcare. To achieve racial justice and equality, thereby creating an inclusive society.


How We Came About

The Lansing Catalyst was founded in December 2017 by Yanice Jackson-Long. Her vision of the Lansing Catalyst was birthed out of her desire to bring about measurable change within the community. Yanice wanted to help facilitate change, by creating pro-active solutions and using them on behalf of the marginalized. Employing knowledge and information gained through her years of experience, personally navigating the Court System, Corporate America, and institutions of higher education, she was able to successfully set up The Lansing Catalyst.

Yanice has helped develop a non-threatening, productive approach, to speak on behalf of the people. Her belief is that people are more receptive to approaches that are well-researched and well thought out when it comes to voicing community issues. She desired to be the bridge and help develop communication strategies between community members and people in authoritative positions. This is therefore the foundation that “The Lansing Catalyst” was founded on. To “Bridge the Gap” Yanice gathered a group of trusted colleagues and started to work with systems to represent people unfamiliar with certain processes. The Lansing Catalyst helps different parties to come to the table to discuss reasonable resolutions.